Bayswater is a brand of beautifully designed bathrooms–
two ranges of Victorian and Edwardian porcelain, brassware, furniture and fittings–that delivers the benefits you have been missing for years.

Exclusively yours
Bayswater is a brand of beautifully designed bathrooms available exclusively through Ideal Bathrooms. Developed by a formidable team of experts, Bayswater understands the industry and how to solve its shortcomings. That’s why it retains full ownership of its manufacturing process to achieve short lead times and exceptional value for money, and employs specialists who deliver impactful marketing support.

Victorian innovation design revisited
Bayswater is inspired by an era of unmatched inventiveness and creativity. The Victorian period was a veritable explosion of new ideas and pioneering innovation. It’s no wonder that Victorian style bathrooms are still loved one hundred and fifty years later. Bayswater builds on this tradition by bringing these established aesthetic values and contemporary designs together. The result is a range of porcelain, brassware, furniture and fittings that have never been seen before.

The design philosophy
The bathroom is, above all else, a functional room. Everything in there must work perfectly and sustainably. The trick is achieving this high level of practicality without compromising elegance and beauty. That’s where the Bayswater designers come into their own. With decades of experience between them, the team pay as much attention to the technical aspects of bathroomdesign as they do to ensuring the refinement of Victorian style remains alive and relevant.

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