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Posted: 17th June 2021

Bathroom Curves Are In

The way we use our bathroom has changed over the last decade. It has gone from being a purely functional room where design often came second to practicalities, to one where how it looks plays a really important function.

Bathrooms are now a place of relaxation; a sanctuary where someone can switch off from their daily lives. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that curves are bang on trend for helping décor to exude a soothing vibe.

Softer-edged products have certainly being making their mark, from rounded taps to curvaceous baths, and mirrors are no exception. This trend is set to accelerate as consumers aim to give their bathrooms a more delicate look following the stark minimalism of recent years.

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When it comes to furniture, those with rounded edges and curves create a subtle flair with added softness without sacrificing practicality. The curved basin cabinet is a perfect example of this. This striking cabinet creates a unique centre piece, while offering luxuriously deep storage space. Available in three Farrow and Ball colours - white, plummet grey and stiffkey blue - these classical colours bring more attention to shape over colour whilst maintaining a contemporary finish. Curves are timeless, for both the feeling of comfort they provide and their ability to make homeowners’ bathrooms truly stand out.

There are other ways to add delicate smattering of curves to your bathroom. Brassware offers a clever way to smooth edges. A rounded showerhead can instantly create a gentler look in the shower, as can lever taps with domed tops.

Project images by https://www.simplybathroomsltd

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