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Posted: 27th July 2021

Category: Design

Beautiful storage ideas for your bathroom

The secret to achieving all this is bathroom storage. While there are plenty of ways to achieving this – from cabinets to recess shelves – it all depends on the size of your bathroom and how you’d like it to look.

One of the best ways to maximise your storage potential is to invest in a vanity unit as it utilises otherwise wasted space under what would be your sink area. People can often think you need a huge amount of space to have one, but this isn’t the case. While there are bigger models out there, including double vanity units (more on that later), there are smaller options that still offer plenty of storage. The Bayswater 600mm cabinet will fit most smaller spaces and we’ve made sure to include the same features as larger models including soft-close doors and wipe-clean eggshell finish.

Screen Shot 2021 07 28 at 13 40 02

If you are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, chances are you need plenty of storage to cope with extra members of the family. One of the biggest bathroom trends right now is for double vanity units to create a his and hers sink. One of the ultimate aspects for a luxury bathroom, a double vanity unit allows you to keep toiletries separate and not have to argue as to whose turn it is when it comes to brushing your teeth. By choosing a double vanity unit and getting the benefit of two sinks, you’re also creating extra storage. The Bayswater 1200mm 4-door basin cabinet offers just that as it utilises all the space under both sinks! As the cabinet is 4 door, it means that there are separate cabinet spaces under each sink, providing plenty of options as to how to use it.

*Drawer version of Bayswater's cabinet has now been discontinued

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You could, for example, keep one for spare toiletries and the other for towels or, each person could have their own cabinet so there aren’t any arguments if one individual messes it up.

While we think vanity units should be a go-to storage solution for bathrooms, we’re seeing another trend emerging. While it doesn’t hide away your clutter as it is on show, it does help to provide a storage space which keeps it all your toiletries neat and tidy and not cluttering up shower trays and round the bath. Recessed shelves into the walls, either close to a bath or shower are fast becoming a design statement, especially when given the VIP treatment with downward lighting. They can either work in harmony with continuity of tiles or can be used to create colour pops with different tiles or colours.

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