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Posted: 21st September 2021

Subject: Interior Design

Category: Design

Our Favourite Traditional Bathrooms

Return of avocado ceramics

There are so many things we love about this cloakroom...from the Art Deco inspired lighting and mirrors through to the rich blue tones of the wall panelling. The striking feature is the avocado ceramics and bronzed brassware. We can hold our hands up and say that avocado and blue aren't colours we'd have naturally put together, but having seen it in the flesh, we couldn't like it more if we tried.

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Traditional meets classic modern

We love to see bathrooms that mix and match different features from different periods of time and this bathroom is no different. We're huge fans of slipper baths (Bayswater has just launched a new one) but we love how this has been combined with a huge walk in shower which is a more modern feature. To make the two features work, marble tiles and the same brassware has been used throughout which helps to make all the elements fuse together.


Bold and Brave

This bathroom features an original antique French basin on a pedestal which the owner took time to renovate. It commands the space and even with those crazy and beautiful tiles, it still captures your eye and draws your attention in. The designer has paired it with chrome taps but added in a playful element with matt black crossheads.

IMG 0260

modern classic bathroom

How could we not feature this bathroom that features our sister brand - BC Designs - Senator Bath. It was designed by Yasamin (@overdale_house) who wanted her bathroom to have the same warmth as any other room in her home. To do this, she used furniture from her living room, wallpaper, little French curtains and wall art/prints to create the feeling. This is a bathroom that will stand the test of time and will look good for a long time to come. It is why traditional bathrooms are so popular at the moment as they represent classic fashion and elegance.

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