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Posted: 21st July 2021

Category: Design

The perfect tiles for your traditional bathroom

A key area in bringing the look to life is what tiles to choose. Most people will naturally turn to white and black, however, there are a huge range of colour, finishes and palettes that can be incorporated into a traditional setting to create a lasting impression.

To help you with, we’ve picked out our favourite traditional bathroom tile looks.

This bathroom combines many different styles and textures and has elements of maximalism (a huge trend in the by-gone era but also on trend in 2021). Pattern flooring is and was popular, and this has been styled with complimentary plain blue tiles, but with a glaze that adds plenty of interest. It’s been combined with panelling – a big tick – with wallpaper. On a side note, you’ll also noticed that traditional vanity units and baths have been paired with modern taps, showing how you can blend the two styles.

Screen Shot 2021 07 15 at 16 21 23

What to add a striking nod to black and white? This chequered floor is a great example of how to do it, without having to do the whole room. It has been paired with a fawn pink to add warmth.

Screen Shot 2021 07 16 at 10 24 10

Softening traditional trends and stamping a 2021 mark on it is the use of soft pinks in traditional bathroom design. Hugely popular within interiors, it adds a feminine touch to classic bathrooms. It also brings to life white tiles, which can be seen here. You’ll also notice that the tiles have been used in a chevron pattern to really bring plain white tiles to life. Gold brassware works particularly well with this colour scheme.

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Black was a go to colour in Victorian and Edwardian times and this is a great example of how to go bold. Victorian and Edwardian tiles tend to have a gloss finish which helps to bounce light around. The choice of tiles also provide a great backdrop to make bold statements with the green paint and also the forest affect wallpaper.

Picture 1

This bathroom is less about tiles and more about panelling, but we couldn’t resists adding it to the list. Panelling was a firm favourite in Edwardian times, and it has been brought into modern times with one of the most popular colours, green. This colour works so well with terracotta flooring and several companies sell reclaimed versions for an authentic look.

Picture 2