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Posted: 07th June 2021

Why a bath is an absolute must when it comes to selling your home!

It might seem like a great idea and space-saving solution to get rid of the bath, but it is worth taking extra time to consider if this will be of benefit in the long run. There are many situations a bath could be more practical than just a shower, and if you are thinking of moving on in the future, it is often a necessity on prospective buyers' lists. Even if your bathroom is small, there are still options that would allow you to comfortably fit in a bath. Many popular freestanding baths are now available in smaller versions. If you can find a bath model that is 1500mm and lower, these should fit into smaller bathrooms as that size footprint is around the size of a large shower tray.

There is lots to consider when undertaking a bathroom renovation project, including layout, storage, and sticking to that all important budget. But if you are thinking of removing your bath, it could actually have a negative effect on the resale value of your home.

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“While a bath is important, there is a huge demand for freestanding models,” explains Sally. In fact, research has found that a freestanding bath features in the top 5 of the ultimate property wish list**.

“Freestanding bathtubs are becoming more popular since they are regarded as the centrepiece within modern bathroom design,” continues Sally. “There are several advantages to them. There is a reduced installation cost, and they can be located anywhere in the room, even in the centre, or bedroom! Some baths, such as claw foot and those in frames, make it easier to keep the area around and under the bathtub clean, and while being aesthetically attractive and available in a multitude of styles, many of the freestanding bathtubs are extremely comfortable.”

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Our Leinster double ended freestanding bath is a great example of one that works in different spaces. Available as both 1500mm (for smaller bathrooms) or 1700mm, it adds a timeless focal point to any traditional bathroom.

If you are in need of both a shower and a bath, consider placing a shower over the bath. There are models that have been designed with this in mind, including a wider end where you’d need to stand to make it more comfortable. Or if your new freestanding bath is against a wall, shower with open pipework can work and even create an extra feature in your new bathroom.



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